Karsyn Raquel Carter

Author, Bible Teacher, Servant of God

Karsyn R. Carter is a young woman on a mission to help heal the women she comes in contact with. She believes that everything that God has allowed her to experience should be used for His glory, and the edification of others. With that mission in mind, she has resolved to use the toughest trial of her life, her unexpected divorce, to help women recover. The Recovery Room is more than a book, it is the Genesis of healing, a movement, and a testimony. Karsyn hopes that women will read, relate and recover. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Leadership. Currently she in pursuit of her Master’s of Divinity degree, with a concentration in Women’s Transformational Leadership.



Divorce, whether or not it is expected, can be one of the most traumatic, embarrassing, life-altering, and painful events in a person’s life. Figuring out how to deconstruct the life you had and envisioned to rebuild a new one can be a daunting and seemingly insurmountable task. Learning to revert from the language of “us and we” back to “I and me” seem foreign to your tongue. Questions swirl in your head, tormenting you as they ask, “What is wrong with me?” “What will I do next?” “How did I get here?” “How will I ever recover?” 

The Recovery Room is a book that follows one woman’s journey as she walks through the process of what she believed was happily married to traumatically divorce. Karsyn Raquel shares some of her lowest moments, such as finding herself living alone in South Africa, to some of the most beautiful revelations of God’s divine presence. The Recovery Room is more than a story about what happened; it is a testimony to how God will truly take your pain and make it beautiful.

Welcome to Recovery. 

Both paperback and kindle ebook available for purchase now via Amazon.com

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